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NHS in England faces GP Crisis; Study finds 7 in 10 planning to quit or reduce hours.

May 8, 2017


A study published in BMJ Open (May 2017) lead by Professor John Campbell found that even amongst the most 'desirable' areas of working within the UK - the South West of England - there is a rising likelihood of GPs quitting direct patient care (37% weighted) in the next 5 years. 


The study, which obtained responses from 2248 GPs in South-West England (response rate 67% out of 3370) highlighted attitudes towards future career plans that would negatively affect the GP workforce in the region over the next 5 years. 7 in 10 GPs who responded to study reported their intentions were to reduce their current hours, take a career break or to permeanantly leave. Only 14% of those who responded reported high workplace morale - with morale being a strong predictor of career intention; with those with the lowest morale being more likely to report intentions to take a career break or leave patient care. 


The study can be accessed through BMJ Open 


At present the Department of Health has yet to produce a comprehensive work-force plan from Primary Care which accounts for the significant challenges facing even desirable parts of England. By contrast the Scottish Government has repeated its commitment to addressing recruitment and rention issues within the Scottish NHS. Additional funding, in excess of £71m, was already announced at the BMA annual conference this year. It forms part of a 5 year commitment to invest £250m of additional funding each year through to 2021. There was also a successful online campaign run by the Scottish Government in 2016 featuring junior doctors in training in general practice highlighting the benefits of training in Scotland. 


The video can be accessed and viewed here: GP training in Scotland 

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