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Pressure Builds to Adopt Minimum Unit Pricing Across the UK

April 4, 2017



England and Wales have been urged to adopt minimum unit pricing (MUP) if the measure succeeds in Scotland, a report from the House of Lords has recommended. 


Should the long-awaited legislation be found legal during an ongoing court battle, a report on the Licensing Act 2003 recommends a U.K. wide adoption of the policy. 


The measures, to introduce a minimum charge of 50p per unit on alcoholic beverages, was introduced through the Scottish Parliament by the SNP Government in 2012. It has been delayed by a longstanding legal challenge. Scots drink on average 20% more than their counter-parts in England and Wales, but the move is hoped to lead the way on a crack down of a culture of binge-drinking and problematic alcohol-dependence seen across the U.K. The ongoing legal challenge by the Scottish Whisky Association has delayed the proposed legislation being written into law while they refer their legal challenge to the UK Supreme Court. 


The measure, welcome by many health groups and receiving cross party support, is aimed at forming part of the Scottish Governments long term strategy on tackling liver disease and other health issues associated with alcohol misuse. 


The appeal is due to be heard in the summer of 2017. 


Further information can be found at the follow link here 

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