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NHSforYES is Back

March 28, 2017


On the day that the Scottish Parliament has thrown its support behind a historic second independence referendum we are re-launching NHSforYes. During IndyRef NHSforYes was a prominent part of the Yes campaign, focused on promoting the view that only independence could save our NHS from the hard-line Tory driven cuts and privatisation being seen in our sister services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The argument now is stronger than ever and with the triggering of article 50 next week, the U.K. Government's - in pursuit of a hard Brexit - has disregarded Scotland's place in Europe to appease Tory infighting, leading us to a place in direct contradiction to the promises made of equal partnership, and indeed of security within the EU, during the referendum of 2014. 


Our NHS is one of our most precious institutions, free at point of care and universally accessible - and yet successive years of Tory rule have seen creeping privatisation of the NHS in England, with direct consequences to NHS Scotland through the consequences of the Barnett formula. 


At this time the threat to our NHS could not be more apparent.


Now, when we should be fighting against healthcare inequality, the Scottish Government is forced to mitigate the effects of progressive Westminster cuts, where the NHS in England is being profit-mined to the highest bidder, sued by private healthcare providers and the workforce brow-beaten by the ineptitude of a Secretary of State for Health whose legacy is one of successive failures. Furthermore, the threat to our valued and respected foreign workforce is an unacceptable reparation to those who have supported, worked in and brought diversity to the wonderful institution of our National Health Service. 


We support a well-funded, fit-for-purpose NHS that works for everyone; where services remain free at point of care, accessible and provided on an evidence-based basis. We support the rights of those who honour us by choosing to live in Scotland and work in our NHS, that they may remain; their contributions to our vibrant and outward looking society appreciated and respected. We want to promote our health service as an amazing organisation to work within, not just in Europe and beyond, but to those healthcare workers throughout the U.K. who feel disenfranchised and disaffected. We whole-heartedly condemn the Secretary of State for Health's mission to privatise our health service. 


Our campaign for independence is only just beginning again, so please join with us, sign up for our mailing list, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Together we can work towards an independent Scotland to safeguard our NHS!


The NHSforYES Team 




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