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We believe in the founding principles of the NHS:​

  • That it meets the needs of everyone

  • That it is free at point of delivery

  • That it is based on clinical need, not ability to pay

Management of the NHS in Scotland has been devolved for sometime, and many regard our NHS as the success story of devolution. We have proven our ability to provide safe and effective care. Now we need to show the world how we improve on our strong foundations. 

Our funding of the NHS is linked to health spending in England through the Barnett Formula. Ultimately the decision of how to allocate the block grant lies with the Scottish Government, but persistent under-funding of health services in England puts increasing pressure of health spending in Scotland. We should not have to risk the viability of our health service because of political decisions taken in Westminster. 

Successive UK Governments have shown a reckless disregard for health services. The current Westminster Government has at its heart a Health Secretary who openly has spoken of the benefits of privatising healthcare. 

Only with independence can we protect our health service.

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