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NHSforYES invites you to join your local NHSforYES network. These forums are designed to connect and link together local NHSforYES activists in preparation for another Scottish Independence referendum.


During the 2014 referendum many Yes supporting NHS staff felt isolated from each other, often only realising there was other local support after the vote had been cast. We can change that.


We want to bring together like-minded people to help drive forward local debate on why independence will be good for health in Scotland. 


Starting in 2018, NHSforYES is focusing on building up local networks of NHS activists so we can hit the ground running when another referendum is called.


If you would like to join the NHSforYES local networks campaign, click on the button above. Once at the forums you can access detailed information on how to sign up but clicking on the 'How to register for Forum and Local Networks' thread.    

NHSforYES Networks

Read below for instructions on joining NHSforYES networks.

Get connected with other local activists.

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