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Mental Health

The mental health and wellbeing of the population is as important as their physical wellbeing.

Mental health services across Scotland have areas in which both good practice and current challenges are identified - we welcome proposals which increase the funding for, and provision of mental health services. 

We support calls for additional mental health trained staff to support frontline services such as General Practice and A+E, as well as additional resources for child and adolescent mental health services. 

Supporting frictionless referrals between different sectors of the health service and the mental health team will help improve patient access and reduce waiting times. 

We call for further recognition of the challenges of hidden deprivation and the issues in managing mental health problems in rural settings, so that such issues can be addressed. A tailored regional approach, under a national framework, would help in equalising service provision throughout the country. 

We believe that giving people the knowledge, confidence and autonomy to make decisions about their lives encourages good mental health. The same is true of our nation - a well informed, confident and autonomous independent Scotland can provide an environment for people to flourish. 

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