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We Are NHSforYES

A collective of independence supporters passionate about the Scottish NHS


We are NHS for Yes.

We are a collective of healthcare professions - doctors, nurses, clinicians, academics and allied health professionals - with one clear aim; protecting and advancing our health service in an independent Scotland. 

With section 30 of the Scotland Act 1998 approved and a hard Brexit on the horizon there has never been a more critical time to focus on protecting our NHS. Hard-line Tory cuts and creeping privatisation are threatening services elsewhere in the U.K. whilst the knock on reductions in the block grant (through the Barnett formula) make it increasingly difficult for the Scottish Government to mitigate these cuts and protect health spending.


The Scottish NHS is the success story of devolution, and the Scottish Government's commitment to key policies such as free prescriptions, the ChildSmile dental program, free eyes tests and universal free social care help to tackle the healthcare inequality that exists in modern British society. 


We recognise we need to do more to tackle these issues; to address the impact of poverty on health - but without full access to the levers required by any modern progressive society we will continue to fire-fight. We believe these powers only exist in a country that has the full power of self-determination, and so we urge you to support our campaign for an independent Scotland so that successive generations may benefit from the foundations of good, well funded universal health care for everyone!


Pledge your support for an independent Scotland to protect our precious NHS!


DR. Willie Wilson

Former Lecturer & Pharmacist

Convenor, NHSforYes

Dr. Willie Wilson is a lecturer of 38 years experience teaching medical and dental pharmacology.

Email us at: nhsforyes@gmail.com

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